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  • MIRO Borová
    is no need to carry out the sample testing procedure Our products in question are e g simple cotton gloves polyester gloves etc Even if not required all our gloves of this category are certified Category 2 In this case in addition the certification of samples is required The gloves have to be equipped with instructions for use or with information leaflet E g the gloves within this category include those covered by the standard EN 388 eventually EN 407 With our gloves the glove in question is e g the glove Bivoj protection against cutting through or Prazak protection against contact heat 250 C Category 3 In this case in addition to testing of sample to instructions for use or information leaflet and marking according to the Category 2 the quality management system is required too This category involves all personal protective aids e g for protection against flame or against chemicals protecting the user against weighty health and safety hazards mortal danger 3 Pictograms In order to simplify the illustration of individual features of gloves determined by the certification procedure a system of pictograms was created These pictograms identify unambiguously the hazard against which the gloves in question shall protect The numbers stated below individual pictograms indicate at the same time the protection level in accordance with mentioned standards For values the following is in force Protective level 1 the minimum requirement 4 5 the highest level Protection against thermal hazards As an example we present the pictogram of the protective mittens PRAZAK Pos 1 specifies Behaviour at burning Pos 2 specifies Contact heat Pos 3 specifies Convection heat Pos 4 specifies Radiation heat Pos 5 specifies Small sprinkles of melted metal Pos 6 specifies Big amounts of melted metal Protection against mechanical hazards As an example we

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